What does EMDR Consultation cost?

It varies.

Per EMDRIA, each consultant is free to set their own rates. As of October 2022, my rates are as follows:

Individual 1 hour Consultation


Individual 30 minute Consultation (Community Mental Health Mini-Meetings)


Group Consultation

$77.00 per person

Customized Package (10-15 appointments)

Email me at andreana@showuptraining.com and we can review you or your organization's needs together.

Can I come to Group Practical EMDR consultation before completing EMDR Basic Training?

No, come to Individual Consultation instead.

I expect each attendee to group to have been exposed to basic training, so can follow along with others’ questions and participate helpfully. Your training in EMDR must be EMDRIA-approved if you are seeking hours toward certification.

But if you had a non-EMDRIA approved training (did I mention how I love autonomy?) you’re ABSOLUTELY WELCOME to join us in our group meeting to sharpen your skills, I just can't offer you any hours toward certification per EMDRIA.

Can I come to Individual Practical EMDR individual consultation before completing EMDR Basic Training?

YES! You do not have to complete EMDR Basic Training before our solo appointment. ALL training levels are welcome to meet 1:1.

Sometimes people have questions about the outcomes and financial implications of EMDR training and figure out if it’s a good fit before they invest 1-2 thousand dollars on basic training!

So feel free to join me 1:1, but the group is for those who have already completed Basic Training in EMDR.

Is this clinical supervision?

No. Consultees of all training levels are welcome here, but you will need your own primary clinical supervisor if you are pre-licensed. I will expect you to protect the PHI of any cases discussed by de-identifying their names and other specifics.

Do I have to be in California or the USA to attend the meetings?

No! Since this isn’t clinical supervision, you can attend the meeting from wherever you’d like!

Uh, actually, will you be my EMDR therapist?

You’re not the first EMDR therapist to ask this. And the answer is maybe.

This is an either-or kind of scenario, as clear boundaries rock. So, you can choose to work with me as your therapist OR as your consultant.

If you need EMDR therapy for past trauma, I encourage you to book a client consultation with me here, where we can sort through some of the issues together and you can make an informed decision. Former therapy clients are expected to wait at least 2 years post-discharge before joining consultation group, per my office policies.

In consultation, we may practice certain skills together so you can experience what a client experiences, but only in the service of your performance as a therapist.

Will you keep track of my consultation hours for EMDRIA?

Yes! I can sign off on up to 15 hours for you as an EMDRIA Consultant-In-Training (CIT).

Per EMDRIA guidelines, records of attendance will be kept for 5 years.

You will need at complete 5 additional hours with an Approved Consultant (AC) for EMDRIA Certification. I’ve had wonderful experiences with these ACs:

Laurie Colson Young, LMFT

Jennifer E. Jenkins-Boitnott, LPC

Angelia Hirsch, LPC

Will you recommend me for certification?

Probably! And if I can’t, I’ll be clear with you about why and how to get on track. I do reserve the right to recommend additional training (outside of my consultation group) before sending my recommendation to EMDRIA if I notice some major clinical gaps, but it is my intention to enthusiastically support your growth in this field, because we seriously NEED your help!

Will you recommend me for Approved Consultant?

No, because I am a Consultant in Training (CIT). If you are a consultant-in-training or even an approved consultant, you’re always welcome to drop in to consultation for clinical support, but the time you spend with me DOES NOT COUNT toward your EMDRIA consultant hours.

I have a question that's not answered here.

Please send me your question! I can be reached at andreana@showuptraining.com.

How do I book my appointment?

You can pick an appointment over on my calendly schedule: GROUP consultation or INDIVIDUAL Consultation is available. Choose what works for you!