About Your Consultant

Hi! I'm Andreana Mabry, M.S., LMFT

I opened my Southern California private practice in 2019, and I exclusively provide EMDR treatment for trauma-related disorders. My office is run on a hybrid basis, with virtual and in-person appointments.

I have applied EMDR in community mental health settings, in private practice, using insurance, and with self-pay. I've seen EMDR work very well for teens and adults of male, female, and nonbinary gender identifications, and for people of different racial, nationality, and ethnic backgrounds.

At my office, my clients and I work in weekly 1:1 or in intensive formats, so:

  • some of my clients see me once per week.

  • some of my clients see me for multiple hours in the same day.

  • some of my clients will spend 6-8 hours with me over just one week.

I love working this way because I love seeing the relief and results that EMDR gives my clients.

Should everyone be EMDR-trained? Are other modalities less good? No, of course not! As you probably already know, treatment success is about the fit for the therapist, the client, the symptoms and the model. And it turns out EMDR is a GREAT FIT for the way I think and for the people I like to work with.

I'm honored that you'd allow me to help you adapt EMDR to the way you work too! This will mean welcoming the other therapeutic skills you already have to empower you to get that trauma-work done!

You can take a look at some of my current and former experiences below. I also keep myself up-to-date with regular CEUs in EMDR, CA MFT law and ethics, race and gender, business management, and teaching skills.

  • EMDR Consultant-In-Training: EMDRIA

  • EMDR-Certified Provider: EMDRIA

  • EMDR-Trained Provider: EMDRIA

  • Licensed MFT in Private Practice: Andreana Mabry, M.S., LMFT, dba Show Up Counseling

  • Licensed MFT, Mental Health Services Act Clinician: Victor Community Support Services (Military Families)

  • Associate MFT, Wraparound Clinician: Victor Community Support Services (Foster Youth and Probation Youth)

  • MFT Intern (now referred to as “associate”), Caseload Manager for addiction treatment: Aegis Treatment Centers (Medication Assisted Treatment)

  • M.S., MFT, Fuller Theological Seminary

  • MFT Trainee: El Monte Police Department

  • MFT Trainee: San Gabriel Unified School District

  • BA Psychology / BA Government: University of Redlands

Do you have other questions? Email me at andreana@ShowUpTraining.com

You can find my practice website at ShowUpCounseling.com. Practical EMDR Consultation and Show Up Training LLC is not formally affiliated with my current private practice.

I've made a few public appearances. Check them out below: